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Forklifts & Excavators CRAWLERED T-150 v1.2.0.0

CRAWLERED T-150 v1.2.0.0

IGORyaN, MelMax, _-OvErClOcKeR-_

CRAWLERED T-150 v1.2.0.0 – 2 engines: (SMD-60 and YAMZ-236) along with the engines, the sounds are changed by the script By Aluha74Rus– Ability to remove the guards and radiator grille– Animation of toggle switches in the cabin, again with the script from Aluha74Rus– Animation of the dashboard, gas and brake pedals, steering wheel


62.15 MB

Maps LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0

LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0

LS-LPgistconverting cappusven

LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0 FS19 LehndorfThis is the new version of the Lehndorf Map.It has season and some other features.Thanks to nyze_lp for his help with season and ohter things.


367.02 MB

Tractors FARMTRAC 80 4WD v1.0.0.0

FARMTRAC 80 4WD v1.0.0.0

Kara? mods Jzd Stranice Tom225 szymonowski

FARMTRAC 80 4WD v1.0.0.0 FS19 Farmtrac 80 4WD- turn 16- red and blue version- 2 errors in the logMovable clocksThis is a Substitute for zetora 7245IS NOT PERFECT


108.41 MB

tools snow plow

snow plow

Haugsvik Modding

converted from fs17 i changed some colors and made it look like a more realistic plow than it was


965.06 KB

Vehicles Volvo V90 v2.0.0.0

Volvo V90 v2.0.0.0

Modell: Volvo V90Textur: Polizei usw.Script: kpIdee / Konzept:Leon/ Tschizack Tester: LeonSonstige: geiles Fahrzeug

Volvo V90 v2.0.0.0 Here my Volvo V90 police kin revised.Version 2Tuningversion!Basic model from Tschizack.


101.42 MB

Objects Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0

Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0

Modell: hawkTextur: hawkScript: hawkIdee / Konzept: hawkTester: hawk/ Maisparty Server

Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0 The Wedgesilo extra large,Version 1.1Wedge silo now in 2 different sizes.24m width and NEW with 30m width.The dimensions of this silo are:Internal: L 70m and W 24mExternal: L 71m and W 26mPlacing: L 76m and W 28mIn front of the silo there is a restricted area of 10m where NOTHING can be tipped.The silo is therefore completely limited and cannot be "overfilled".This quite affordable construction project costs you a mere 15,000 € and can be built on request (almost) anywhere.In addition, you can mix other fruits into your silage in this excellent structure. These are straw, corn, sugarbeet and potatoes.The silo is specially designed for servers which, for example, make corn-parties or similar and have problems with the drivers who always want to drive from the finished wedge side.Furthermore, I have not yet found such a silo for multiplayer and I think that something like that is gladly taken.I did not notice any errors during the test, apart from the known problems with the collision query with the "TipTriggers" which come from the engine and also occur with Giants products.Version Info:Version 1.0Original wedge silo extra large


173.41 KB

Other Courseplay v6.01.00384 beta

Courseplay v6.01.00384 beta


Courseplay v6.01.00384 beta The well-known script Coursplay! You can say the chief au pair! Now available on the 19th farm!Today's current / last official - 6.01.00384Courseplay mod script (current working version)This is probably the most popular mod in the game. The Kurspley script allows you to create routes and tasks for various types of equipment in the game, and then complete them. This means that by creating a route for your tractor, or, for example, a truck, it will independently perform the specified work without your further participation. As you can understand, this is much more interesting and, moreover, more functional than standard wage workers in FS 2019.After downloading and installing the Courseplay modification in the game Farmer Simulator 19, you can create routes for various agricultural equipment. As an example, if you need to send a tractor for some work: for plowing the land, sowing the future crop or its harvest, then you only need to specify the field number. A truck can be taught to deliver some of your goods for sale or to transport goods from point B to point A. It all depends on your imagination, because the script has many options.How to use the Coursplay mod in FS 19?Nothing complicated really! After you have downloaded and installed this mod, you need to press the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus Delete. A menu in Russian will appear before your eyes. Everything in it is quite simple and clear. But, in short, it all comes down to creating a route for the unit of equipment you need and its further reproduction, that is, you indicate where to go, what route, and what to do in the end.True, there is one BUT: the first time to create a route, you have to drive it yourself. Thus, you indicate the points of sequence, turns, etc. Well, then the technique will already remember the route and your actions and will be able to move independently.Version Features:- You can select the number of flights from the base to the point of sale;- After the specified number of flights, he gets up at the final point and reports this;- Also, while the tractor is waiting for the filling of the combine hopper, it shuts off the engine;- Fixed minor bugs;- Stable


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Tractors John Deere 7J v1.0.0.0

John Deere 7J v1.0.0.0


John Deere 7J v1.0.0.0 John Deere 7J for Farming simulator 19Power: 230Maximum Speed: 40Price: 105000Brand: John DeereCategory: tractorsMCredits:Roberto CarlosFernando Campos


54.47 MB

Combines New Holland CR1090 Revelation Dual Crawler By Stevie

New Holland CR1090 Revelation Dual Crawler By Stevie


New Holland CR1090 Revelation Dual Crawler By Stevie Mod UpdateNew Holland CR1090 Revelation Dual Crawler By Stevie16/02/2020This replaces the previous version from the New Holland CR1090 Pack mod pack.


11.15 MB


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