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farming simulator 19

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Subaru Forester KDOW v1.0   - <br> Kalinoski Oficial v1.0   GUEST :D <br> FIATAGRI L SERIES v1.0.0.0   DeerePower<br />CapoMeccanico<br />Gabry982<br />Exia<br />Farm Nord Est <br> AGCO IDEAL 9 Combine By Stevie   Stevie <br> TYMBARKOWICE Map v3.0   Tymbark01, bartek30901763 <br>

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farming simulator 19 mods libary

tools New Holland BB980 (ACTUAL MOD)

New Holland BB980 (ACTUAL MOD)

Rosenlund Gods

New Holland BB980 Baler: - Capacity 6000 liters - Working speed 16 km/h - Selectable Design Price 56000 €


24.10 MB

tools Case IH True Tandem 345

Case IH True Tandem 345

Nick Schrunk

----------- MOD RELEASE ---------- Case IH True Tandem 345 - by Nick Schrunk This is a modified version of the 2nd mod I ever released, the Case IH True Tandem 375. Nick took apart the model, updated the textures and made the 375 into a smaller and more beautiful 345 version. He has asked me to release it on my page so it can get more exposure. I cannot give an exact change log, but I will share its features and specs. Price: $95,000 Working width: 9m Recommended Power: 200 HP Configurations: Crumbler Rollers Spike Tooth Leveler Rear Hitch If you experience any issues let me know, and be sure to thank Nick for his work!


38.17 MB

tools Case Drill

Case Drill


This is a Case Seed Drill


15.45 MB

tools Case GIANT Baler

Case GIANT Baler

Giants Bronkema

This is the ingame Express that is now set up to pick up windrows. You want MASSIVE square bales then this is the mod for you! Grass Drygrass Straw Cornstalks Soybean straw


16.32 MB

tools New Holland mixer

New Holland mixer

Giants Bronkema

This is a New Holland mixer for making pigfeed


6.16 MB

tools Feed mixer

Feed mixer

Giants Bronkema

This is the ingame feed mixer. I edited it to accept the following.... Alfalfa Alfalfa hay Cornstalks Soybean straw For making TMR. Also has capacity options. Enjoy


122.50 KB

tools Case Patriot 4440 V2

Case Patriot 4440 V2

Karl Farms

--------MOD UPDATE--------- Case IH Patriot 4440 V2.0 I really enjoy using this mod so I did what do what I do best and added many small details and wheel configurations to it. ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????. ???? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????. Changelog: Added wheel configurations (Replaces old tires) 6 Michelin 7 Trelleborg Added MANY in-cab animations, lights, real-time numbers and updated information screens. Including some cool feautres I have never done before! Interior now more closely matches real 4440 Sprayers - Added ability to raise the whole sprayer body. - Modified the lights to be not as powerful, but added more lights including boom nozzle lights - Added tank option of 6000l - Added 132ft (40m) boom option - Limited working speed to 25 KPH - Updated textures and models on wheel hubs, cylinders, fenders, and steering wheel - Added shadowmaps to the whole model - Added character and seat suspension - Added wiper animations - Fixed default position of sprayer boom Many other minor tweaks/fixes/additions. Let me know of any suggestions you have or if you experience any issues . Enjoy!


79.00 MB

tools Kuhn feed mixer

Kuhn feed mixer

Giants Bronkema

This is a Kuhn feed mixer. You can use it to make TMR or pigfeed


4.25 MB

tools Kuhn Spreader

Kuhn Spreader

Giants Bronkema

This is a Kuhn manure Spreader


5.54 MB

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