Upload mods & generate a revenue

link iconHow to upload mods

A big part of Mod-Network is uploading mods to our platform. We provide modders the possibility to upload their creations on Mod-Network and start generating revenue from it.


  • Make sure the mod you upload is created by you or you have permission from the mod creator to upload his creation on Mod-Network.
  • If you use any assets in your mod that was created by some else's then make sure this had the correct licenses or you had permission from the original creator(s).

Everyone can upload their mods on Mod-Network you only need an account in order to do so. You can create an account here .

After you created an account you will be redirected to the account page. Here you can find everything you need to manage your mods.

To upload a mod click on the upload button. upload

  • 1. Select the game

  • 2. On step 2. Fill in the name, Mod Creator / Credits / Category and license. You can choose out of the existing licenses or you can submit your own via info@mod-network.com. Learn more about licenses here.

  • 3. On the next step, you can provide a description. This will improve the search result of the mod enormously. Make sure to provide enough information so the users can understand what the mod is about and what to expect. It is allowed to share links of social media or Patreon in the description but we advise you to create your own page on Mod-Network you can find this here. This is the best way to share social media and Patreon links.

  • 4. On step 4 you can upload photos. This is super important both for better organic search results and for the users. The mods with good images always score much higher and have the change to be on the trending page of Mod-Network ( this increases the number of downloads enormously. One image is required more than one image is recommended for better results. The pictures need to be from the mod itself in the game. We don’t allow pictures from real life. Or selfies 😉

  • 5. The last step is to upload a file. We recommend a ZIP file if possible ( other supported file extensions are rar, scs, scss ). If the files need to be unzipped make sure to put unzip in the name this so the user knows the files need to be unzipped. It is also possible to provide a source link. If you have a second place where you have hosted the file you can provide this here.

  • 6. Uploaded. Congratulations.

After the mod is uploaded the mod needs to be approved first before it launches on Mod-Network this usually takes a few hours. It can be a lot quicker or a little bit later.