Download manager & install mods

link iconDownload manager

The download manager is our response to create a seamless experience between Mod-Network and your game files. With this application, you can install mods with just one click into your game.

Let us explain how:

  • 1. You will first need to create an account on Mod-Network you can do this for free here. ( This is needed because the application needs to be connected to your account in the next steps ).

  • 2. Download & install the application you can do this here. This is the same process as another windows application.

  • 3. If the application is installed you need to connect your account with the application. If you start the application for the first time you will see a big button that says “connect account”.

  • 4. Ones you click on the “connect account” button you will be redirected to the Mod-Network login page. Here you need to log in.

  • 5. After you logged in you will be redirected to the “successful” page. If this is the case you need to go back to your application.

  • 6. If everything goes fine then you will see a new page on the application. Here you can find a list of the games that we support at the moment.

  • 7. In order to install mods we need to know where your mod folder is located. You need to click on the “connect mod folder” buttons from the games you want to set up. If you don’t know where the mod folder are located you can find more info here.

  • 8. After the mod folders are connected you are good to go.

  • 9. You can close the application with the cross. The application will run in the background then.

  • 10. On the Mod-Network website, you will now find the windows button in the bottom left corner. This means your account is connected with an application. If you don’t see this button go here.

  • 11. You can also see that the download buttons now have a windows logo in them and the “download” text is changed to “install”.

  • 12. If you press install then the mods will automatically go in the folder you selected in the previous steps. Enjoy!

link iconReconnect

Sometimes it’s possible that the application disconnect for some reason. You closed it by accident or you’re shut down the computer. If that is the case you can reconnect with the application by going to the windows icon in the bottom left corner on the supported pages ( games ). Here you can find the status “connected” or “disconnected” and you have also the option “connect” or “disconnect”. Make sure the application is open and click on connect. Everything should be connected now.

You can also reconnect to your account via the application. This button is located at the bottom right.

link iconDisconnect

If you want for some reason to disconnect you can close the Windows application with the button in the bottom right corner. Or you can click on the disconnect button at the bottom left on the website.

After you disconnected you can only reconnect when you pressed “connect” again on the same menu. Or open the application.

link iconMod pack & unzipping

The application automatically unzips mods that have “unzip” in the name. If you upload a mod on Mod-Network make sure you add “unzip” in the name if it’s necessary.

link iconI don’t see the windows icon

Make sure you are on the correct page. The windows icons only show up on the mod pages that we support. These are:

  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2

Make sure you are logged in with the account you connected the application with.