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KC9500-T Liquid Fertilizer Caddy

Forward Agricultural - Solutions


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The largest liquid fertilizer caddy that Farming Simulator has ever seen! Our new KC9500-T, on four entirely independent Wahl Walker tracks, combines massive capacity, low ground pressure, and constant terrain control to provide far less down time for any farmer! We divided 9,500 USG into three tanks; 2,500 gallon front tank crafted by Dan of Finlay Farms, and two 3,500 gallon rear tanks crafted by Jerod of Wahl Farms. Through this, and the 12in x 7in frame, we can comfortably and safely distribute weight throughout the caddy.

-The Tracks-
Our new Wahl Walker track system provides increased strength and durability, alongside simplicity. Dual-hydraulic tensioning, 44in drive wheels, and 16in pivot wheels riding on our 40in Diamond Drive belts!

-The Titan Series-
Forward Agricultural - Solutions' Titan Series represents our line of tow behind and tow between implements, which range from 6,000 to 9,500+ US Gallons of product. These implements are meant to greatly reduce downtime and complication, while increasing productivity and yield.

-The Specifications-
- $130,500 - $140,505 USD

- 336in L x 235in W x 170in H
- 7in x 12in x .375in double wall frame
- 38.6' overall length
- 19.5' overall width, including track system(s)
- Rear light mounts with 13' overall width for optimal visibility
- Weight Empty: 45,100 lbs.
- Weight Full: 150,550 lbs.

Motor & Pump:
- Forward Agricultural 13HP motor with 3in banjo-style fill pump
- Finlay Farms 13hp stainless steel hydraulic-powered centrifugal pump

Pressure Gauges:
- 3in Forward Agricultural stainless steel pressure gauge to monitor Product Pump liquid pressure

- Banjo-style polypropylene flanged fittings
- 3in custom fill and empty hoses
- 2in custom product hoses

- Total capacity: 9,500 USG
- Two 3,500 US gallon tanks for Nitrogen, 30 degree center tilt for complete drainage
- One 2,500 US gallon front tank for Phosphate, 15 degree center tilt for complete drainage
- Custom tank mounts and brackets for stability

Track & Axles:
- Titan Series 4.5in ball and socket, greaseable front axle setup
- 15,000 lb. front hub and spindle mounts
- 35,000 lb. rear hub and spindle mounts
- 40in Wahl Walker Track System
- 40in Finlay Flat Top Track System

- Class 5 front hitch, fully adjustable

-The Features-
- Liquid fertilizer, herbicide, and water storage
- Multiple color options
- Optional pressure gauge & motor light
- Beacon & strobe light options
- Optional Manure System compatibility
- Optional tank logos
- Standard service options
- Standard 620/75R26 transport wheel option
- Additional Finlay Flat Top 40in rear track option
- Compatible with the (FWD) Seed Hawk XL Toolbar (84ft) & 980 Air Cart
- Compatible with the John Deere 1870 Air Drill & c850 Air Cart
- Compatible with the John Deere DB60, DB90, DB120 Planters, and more!

We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that has helped us with this project, whether it be testing, troubleshooting, or suggestions! Robin Lackner, Jonathan Jundt, B &D Farms, Mason Farms, Trailer Park Farms, Perma's Modding, Louis St, The FarmSim Guy, Kederk Farms, Argsy Gaming, FS Screenshots, Camil Canuck, Agro-Farm By Kamil1997rok1, and Seriousmods, we appreciate you all!

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