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KC6000 Liquid Fertilizer Caddy

Forward Agricultural - Solutions


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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that the KC6000 (V1) is finished and ready for release! This is a tow-between liquid fertilizer caddy, with an overall capacity of 6,000 US gallons (22,712 liters). Currently, the KC6000 is ran entirely through hydraulic connections, however, V2 will include a product hose and electrical outlet, which will pair with an additional implement that we are working on right now! Our caddy is compatible with any air drill, air cart, and cultivator ingame (other than DLC content) with a few additions to your drill, cart, and cultivator's xml file (most planters include liquid fertilizer already, so we did not cover them). We have included an instructional/introduction video and notes within the main file, along with our edit of the Seed Hawk 84ft Air Drill/980 Air Cart in this post, so you can set it up without a worry!


- Eight different wheel options:
- Goodyear 1400/30R46 floaters
- Firestone 650/85R38 duals
- Michelin 580/85R42 duals
- Michelin 650/85R38 duals
- Michelin 1050/50R32 floaters
- Mitas 1250/50R32 floaters
- Trelleborg 580/70R42 duals
- Trelleborg 800/65R32 duals

- Our very own 36" Finlay Flat Top Track System

- Three Front Hitch height configurations: low, medium, and high

- Two Rear Hitch height configurations: low and high

- Multiple color options for:
- Frame
- Rims
- Tanks
- Fill Hose
- Pump Hose
- Tool Box

- Options for Beacons and Strobe Lights

- Optional Manure System

- Toolbox includes the Service Tools ability, for quick repairs on the go!

- Adjustable Motor Light, controls below:
- Mouse: hold down both mouse buttons and move side to side
- Controller: hold down RB (R1) and LB (L1) and move right joystick side to side

- Adjustable Jack Stand height, controls below:
- Mouse: hold down right mouse button and move up and down
- Controller: hold down RB (R1) and move right joystick up and down

- Three different decal color options:
- Standard
- Red
- Plain

- Six different rear flag selections, all with single, dual, and mixed options:
- United Kingdom
- United States
- Canada
- Brazil
- Australia
- Germany

- Nine working Pressure Gauges to monitor hydraulic pressure

- Error and warning free log

This is our first official public release of an implement, which began on May 8th, 2021. We really wanted to push the options and configurations as far as we could, while being realistic with as many aspects as possible. We would like to thank everyone that ran tests, provided suggestions, assisted with issues, and followed us throughout the creation of the KC6000. We greatly appreciate you all, and truly hope you enjoy!

Known issues:

- Clip distance for some decals on large scale maps (16-64x) can be iffy, due to map textures

- While using the Manual Attach mod, the hydraulics to the KC6000, from the planter, may not attach until you attach the hydraulics, from the KC6000, to your tractor

- While using the Manure System mod, it is recommended to use trailers/tanks that do not have their own liquid pump, as the KC6000 includes one. Doing so can, sometimes, require you to shut the tractor off, to shut the pump down

If you happen to find any new issues, be sure to let us know in the comments below, or send us a private message!



Joshua Duncan (v1 from scratch design), Dan Finlay (testing), Jerod James (testing & model assistance), Perma's Modding (XML & Blender assistance), Louis St (XML assistance), Jonathan Jundt (testing), Mason Farms (testing), B &D Farms (testing), FS ScreenShots (testing)

Seed Hawk: https://mega.nz/file/fgA0GRhQ#p0ZvT9SC1qFFOwdMvpbsQNXigOsJlPaBKFmffUGtk7c