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Finlay Flat Top - 36” Implement Tracks

Forward Agricultural - Solutions


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Forward Ag's first track project, the FFT-36's!

These are implement tracks that can be applied to nearly anything you would like; grain cart, sprayer, spreaders, you name it! The file contains everything you'll need to add them to your mod!

Included -

1) Written instructions to create either simple nodes, or components, within Giants Editor for your tracks.

2) Written XML instructions for either standard (wheel-type) or component (singular oscillation) setups, in which you'll simply have to add the nodes that apply to each object and/or transform group from your mod.

3) The "tracks" folder that you will need to place within your mod's main folder.

*This folder contains; shaders, textures, track i3d, belt i3d, and track xml*

I will continue to improve these tracks over the next few weeks as I work on the KC6000, as there's plenty that I'm still learning when it comes to mapping!

We truly hope you enjoy the FFT-36's, and contact us if you experience any issues. We would be glad to assist you!

- Josh


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23 Oct 2021 - 03:33

with cars to?