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Sound Fixes Pack v21.36

Drive Safely


Downloads: 8

Size: 60.37 MB

Category: Sounds

License: All Rights Reserved


Pak provides an improvement to the usual sounds in the game, making them more immersive and real.
The mod is updated frequently to bring more real-world sounds to the game.

Pak should have high priority in Mod Manager.

* Compatible with all trucks, including mod trucks.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so they can be used with unlimited truck sound mods of your choice.
* Compatible with all cards.
* Supports compatibility with rain mods. Both can be turned on at the same time.
* If you are using any of the Grimes seasonal mods, put the seasonal mod with a higher priority than the sound fix pack.
* When using winter mods, please enable the Frosty Winter Weather Sound addon from the Sound Fixes Pack options folder for winter sounds.
* Modifications to traffic density / behavior (lower priority in Mod Manager) can include the realistic sound ranges plugin from Sound Fixes Pack by inserting this line into def / traffic_data.sii: @include "traffic_data_update.sui"

Version 21.36:

- added sounds of the airship (ATS)
- Changed lift axle sound to use custom sound attenuation curves.
- custom sound attenuation curves adjusted for air brake sounds.
- file optimization without quality loss.

Sounds Sound Fixes Pack v21.36