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Pitts LB51 26 Low Loder v1.0

FS Miner


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FS Miner's Creations!
New release Pitts LB51_26 Low Loader for FS19
U.S style 3 Axle Low Loader
- Lower Ramps X Key
- Unfold Extensions N Key
- Tension Belts
- Colorable Body And Design

3D Model donated by anonymous friend

If you like get it if you don't who cares ....

You are free to improve that mod , (there is no improve to make it colorable , or make 100k bucket)
Just leave to get some download for some days first...

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Trailers Pitts LB51 26 Low Loder v1.0 Trailers Pitts LB51 26 Low Loder v1.0