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Race Trailer

North East


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Hey yall, this is my first official released mod made from scratch. I wanna say thank you for all the support I have gotten for this trailer. Disclaimer, some of the part do not belong to me I got them off other mods.
Here are some of the features this trailer will have!
Lizard Race Trailer:
Ramps: I got these ramps off of the trailer that K20-Statefarm33 made.
Wheels: Came from the RentalManBuch Tilt Deck Trailer!
Model its self: Cgtrader.
Color Options: Came from one of lances campers!
Tire Rack: The rack I bought off of cgtrader and the stand I had a good friend model for me.
A big thanks to FCC Modding for helping with the collisions.


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North East modding

7 Mar 2021 - 02:07

Thank you!

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8 Mar 2021 - 02:33

@null Amen bro.

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discoball boi12

6 Mar 2021 - 21:21

hey man great mod i believe your gonna grow really big one day don't let anyone's opinions bring you down.