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Fael Environment v3.1 1.37 - 1.38

By: Rafaelbc


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License: All Rights Reserved


Fael Environment v3.1 1.37 - 1.38 Changelog v07.07.20
Addressed some black textures ( applied DXT5 compression ) while using OpenGL mode.
Adressed audio lines in game data.sii
city_loops[]: "/ sound / world / ambient / city.soundref"
country_loops[]: "/ sound / world/ ambient / forest.soundref"
Changelog v3.1
*Improved trees foliage on the whole map - including DLC's -> Scandinavia - Going East - France - Italy - Baltic Sea
I'm basically making the mod all over again, from start. So, I focused it on the Standard Map only. I'll eventually update the textures to better compatibility with Promods, although it might work for now, some bugs might occur - such as textures not matching.
Changed the trees model on most part of the map. Grass redone. Better variation and adjusted colors
Ground and grass textures reworked
Road textures not included
It's very important to set these Graphic Settings at high to get the best visuals with this mod:

Other Fael Environment v3.1 1.37 - 1.38 Other Fael Environment v3.1 1.37 - 1.38