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Real European Companies v1.4 by NiHao

By: NiHao


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Real European Companies v1.4 by NiHao Real European Companies - This mod replaces original SCS companies inside game. There are over 150 in base game and map DLCs. Mod is made from the ground up and thus is only DirectX 11 compatible. It is tested in v1.37.x. No guarantee for the previous versions.
It replaces texture files (.dds) hence is always error free (no 3D models).
New update in 16.06.2020:
-Replaced 4 loading screens for Eurotunnel for the real one taken from Getlink Group official press releases.
-Replaced 4 loading screens for ferries for the real photos of Calais port, and ferry ships.
-Packed paper cases has been updated to DX11.
-Haddock-Floyd ship has been updated to DX11 with as much as possible parts as are IRL.
The half of texture file is the literal copy from this source :):
-Updated flags at showrooms of the all 7 truck brands to DX11.
-Replaced SCS SEAWAY logo to IRL at Felison terminal in Amsterdam (IJmuiden) port.
-Light industry (Trameri) has been partly updated to DX11 to not look as an ugly ruin.
-Updated textures of coal, gravel, ore and sand in the tipper trailer called Schmitz in file.
Base game + East DLC --→ supported
Scandinavia DLC --→ supported
France base + DLC --→ supported
Italia base + DLC --→ supported
Baltic DLC --→ supported
Black Sea DLC --→ supported
Schwarzmüller DLC --→ supported
Krone DLC --→ supported
1) Without repeats and hybrid gas stations there are 32 companies in base game, 22 in Scandinavia DLC, 15 in France DLC, 17 in Italia DLC, 33 in Baltic DLC, and 22 in Black Sea DLC as of v1.37. However, there are also 14 Russian (Cyrillic) companies, too which are SCS repeats from Latin versions but l‘ll try to replace them, too.
2) Anything related to Blender is not touched and won‘t be in the feature because I don‘t work in Blender and mod can‘t be broken in the some future update.
3) Trailers‘ textures are replicated from the real life trailers if possible. Some companies use at least two different versions so I choose what I personally prefer. Many companies obviously don‘t have real life trailers so they are my creative interpretation.
4) Only companies that have the largest revenues, market share and coverage in games‘ countries are used if company is not local. Please suggest better company for replacement if you know.

Other Real European Companies v1.4 by NiHao Other Real European Companies v1.4 by NiHao