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Peterbilt 386 v1.1 1.37

By: R.Modjeski (sib3rius) headmaster of project, made lots of parts from scratch, also produced texturesColonel (hood and stainless bumper)SCS (base model, a lot of parts, engine defs)Colt/Pioneer (a couple visors, fuel tanks, fenders)


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Peterbilt 386 v1.1 1.37 Changelog
• Fixed Truck Dealer definition on not being able to find truck with other mods regarding Peterbilt Dealer.
• Template got updated! Hood piece between hood and cab got re-mapped. Along with various minor template fixes. (Thank you Tyrone’s Booth!)
• Ability to change grille styles (no bars or 3 bars)
• Def file fixes
• Retarder removed from all transmissions
• Skin 3 fixed missing stripe along back of cab for all variants
• Sideskirts, emissions boxes, and exhaust underwent model and definition upgrades.
• Template fix on painted emission boxes
• Deranged_Maester thank you for helping with the Cabin definition issues! I had no clue how to repair that. Thanks again!
• Added rear work lights
Made the Peterbilt 386 project I've had going on the last few years public and as up-to-date as it can get! Granted it's not perfect, but this is the Initial release so the next versions after will continue to improve.
Here's a few key points to know about this mod..
-Made to run either with Robinicus or Krechibaum's sound packs for 1.37.x
-Has a template included!
-Multiple chassis options both stock and painted
-Multiple cab options
-Custom accessory nodes featuring antennas, lights, lightbars, bumpers, tanks, etc
-Based off the SCS Peterbilt 389 so a lot of parts may work for this truck. (except fuel tanks and step boxes)
-Truck and trailer chassis options!
Link 3 Template

Trucks Peterbilt 386 v1.1 1.37 Trucks Peterbilt 386 v1.1 1.37