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Russian Truck Sound Megapack v1.0 1.37

By: ArTrailfanRaf214


Downloads: 14

Size: 8.71 MB

Category: Sounds

License: All Rights Reserved


Russian Truck Sound Megapack v1.0 1.37 New Russian Truck sound megapack,It covers engine sounds of russian trucks of kamaz,maz,zil truck mods for now which will be included in rel of version 1.0.
The reason I made it because of no truck sound coming in these russian trucks in 1.37 the only thing to rip for now is window animations but hopefully the modders will add it soon.
This mod will include support for over 10 legal russian trucks
1.0 contains sound for 4 ZILS 130-131-133-157,Kamaz 6460-65221 and Kamaz 5360 by MTG,Koral,Ural 6464 and Kraz 64431.