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RJL Scanias Fix v1.3 for 1.37

By: kast, UK interior fixes Mondo.N


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Size: 40.94 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


RJL Scanias Fix v1.3 for 1.37 Changes v1.3
Fixed EU interior blinker animation for R4/T4
Changes v1.2
UK interior fix for all RJL Scanias
Small temporary fix addon for RJL Scanias to work in 1.37.x
Edited Scania RS, R4, T, T4:
Cab models
Interior models
-Working windows
-UI errors removed
-Def files edited for sound and windows
NB: No fix for UK cabs, havent have that much time, have been on and off with the editing, there still for sure are some bugs.
This is for all RJL Scanias, if you dont use some of these(T,R4 etc), just delete in truck_dealer and truck_desktop folder that model .sii file and you are good to go.
This is for default mods, so if using any sound mods etc, place sound mods over Scania fix

Trucks RJL Scanias Fix v1.3 for 1.37 Trucks RJL Scanias Fix v1.3 for 1.37