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The big Vogel Skinpack v1.1

By: Sogard3, RJL, obelihnio, Vad&k, Madster, TheNuvolari



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Size: 5.42 MB

Category: Skins


The big Vogel Skinpack v1.1 This is a small skinpack featuring fleet skins of the company Vogel Transporte. I wasn't satisfied with the available Vogel skins so I decided to make a big skinpack focusing on accuracy. The skinpack will expand from time to time with future updates.
What's new in 1.1?
 - added red MAN TGA skin
 - added Scania T 4-series skin (red and blue)
 - added Schwarzmuller trailer skin
 - Scania S Next-Gen
 - Scania RJL 4-series (2 versions; blue and red)
 - Scania T 4-series by RJL
 - DAF XF 105 (2 versions; blue and red + a skin for 50K lightbox and for the Kelsa lightbox by obelihnio)
 - MAN TGA by Madster (2 versions; blue and red)
 - Krone Profiliner by Sogard3 (custom mudlap and license plate included
 - Schwarzmuller DLC curtainsider
Tested on 1.37.x

Skins The big Vogel Skinpack v1.1 Skins The big Vogel Skinpack v1.1