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International LoneStar v2.0 1.37.x

By: SCS,Martin Marinov


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Size: 54.08 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


International LoneStar v2.0 1.37.x Accessable via the Mod Dealer.
The mod adds:
- International LoneStar to ETS2;
- Cummins X15 STEINBAUER;
- Reworked metallic paints with editable colours;
- Reworked halogen headlights (dimmer light, shorter ranges);
- 30% brighter instrument cluster backlight.
NB: You will have to own the "Wheel Tuning Pack", the "Goodyear Tyres Pack" & the "Michelin Fan Pack" if you want the mod to work as intended.
v2.0 (May 6, 2020):
- 1.37 compatible;
- ALU look for all stacks;
- 3 additional cabins - dark side windows, with corresponding interiors & paintjobs. SELECT THE CABIN FIRST!
v2 (May 5, 2020):
- 1.37 version;
- New sound - KW T680 from ATS;
- New engine - Cummins ISX15 EPA STEINBAUER;
- Headlights:
+ New lightmasks for low & high beam - US style;
+ Reworked Halogen;
+ Added reballanced version of SCS's Xenon and LED;
+ All-new 9277K Xenon;
- A few new colours.
v1.1 (January 8, 2020):
- Black Oxide versions of the standard accessories;
- Interior: Dark Gray w/ Ash Tamo Trim & Chrome (CHR) - neutral white instrument cluster light;
- Interior: Dark Gray w/ Ash Tamo Trim & Aluminum (ALU) - neutral white instrument cluster light;
- Interior: Black w/ Black Oxide Trim & red instrument cluster light.
v1.0 (January 5, 2020)
- Aluminum version of LoneStar's accessories;
- Galvanized steel stacks;
- Interior - Dark Gray w/ Aluminum Trim & orange instrument cluster illumination;
- Interior - Black w/ Piano Lacquer Trim & red instrument cluster illumination.

Trucks International LoneStar v2.0 1.37.x Trucks International LoneStar v2.0 1.37.x