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Animal Trailer in Traffic v2.0

By: Todor Alin


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Size: 5.67 MB

Category: Trailers

License: All Rights Reserved


Animal Trailer in Traffic v2.0 With this mode you  have in traffic for ai cars, trailer with animated livestock (cows and horses) !
First, I've intended to make this mod for Jazzycat ai traffic mod, since the trailer model belong to him (and the credits),
 but , to allow the players with less powerfull PC's to play with this, this mod is standalone !
New Version 2.0:
- Added specific "passenger sound" :)
It means, sometimes, cows and horses are no more quiet !!
Warning: Don't drive to close to the trailer, you may get, or not, something nasty on your windshield! ;)
Tested on 1.37.x game version