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Sounds: Gearbox on the Craz v4

By: Fan3107


Downloads: 254

Size: 8.59 MB

Category: Sounds

License: All Rights Reserved


You all probably know my previous versions of sounds for the classic Spintires and for Mudruner. In this pack, I present my slicing of sounds from the classic video “gearbox on a canopy”, which adds even more sounds from the legendary video.

Some players betray good surroundings to the gameplay.

Installation mod: Copy all contents from the archive, files and folders with replacement along this path: /SnowRunner/en_us/preload/paks/client/shared_sound.pak (opened by WinRar archiver or other archivers) / [sound] / trucks / common Version 4 for SnowRunner (v4,7): I changed the sounds a bit, added the voice acting of turning on all-wheel drive and difflock