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1966 Chevy C30 Flatbed V1.0 - No Bed Sides Edition - By: OKUSEDMODS



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Category: cars

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Personal edit of the 1966 Chevy C30 Flatbed V1.0 - No Bed Sides Edition.

All we did was edit the truck to have a more stock appearance through realistic in store options. The grille and bumpers where made white to look like a base C10. Wheels are taken from a 1971 Chevy and have been edited to appear stock. Corona lights were removed and the truck was given completely custom engine sounds. The flat bed is off a 1948 COE.

Credits: MoonshineMafia(truckbase) and KentuckyDerby(of MoonshineMafia). Wheels are off of the 1971 Chevy truck by Expendables Modding and Back Street Boys. Dually wheels orignal author is unknown. Bed if from a 1948 Chevy COE by Expendables.

Current Edit by: OK USED MODS/ J&MFARMS

Price: 15000
Daily Upkeep: 0
Category: cars

Configurations: Two realistic wheel options and 5 realistic engine including 250ci, 296ci, 283ci, 327ci which are true factory options. A "Crate 350ci" was added for a 400hp performance motor. colorable body, colorable roof.

We Hope You Enjoy It!

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