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Kogel Autoloader FS19 Final

By: Edward`s Modding


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Size: 38.47 MB

Category: Trailers

License: All Rights Reserved


Kogel Autoloader FS19 Final I spent some time to fix the errors on this trailer,in the end I succeeded.This is the final version!
Price: 36030€
Colors option Chasis option
Colors Base option
Colors wheels Option
Change wheels Option
- autoload for 72 roundBales, 52 squarebales and 3 squarecotton bales
- support 6 jdCotton roubdBale
- missionPallets 36,eggBoxes
- color configuration for rims, trailer and flatbed
- selectable  cover decal ,Kogel,Cocacola,Haineken,Jack Daniels.
- new wheels (Lizard,Nokian,)
- connectors for hoses in front
- trailer hitch back
- steering axle
Select the cover configuration you want KOGEL, COCA-COLA, HEINEKEN, JACK DANIELS.to show you cover after you buy press "N" key.

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