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EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0

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EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0 * FS19 RELEASE!!! * 84 TOYOTA HILUX WITH DYNAMIC SUSPENSION! this is another one of those builds i was doing for myself but decided to release Features Dynamic Suspension scripted in all components (leafs, shocks, cardans...) 2 animated antennas to choose from magnet mount or front fender Bed options with changing straps/ collisions for each option, dog box option places straps and collisions on top of the box, there are no collisions for the camper shell. i tried they made the truck wig out so i just deleted them. Decals selection Multiple wheels choice (lift depends on the selected wheels) Custom made FOX Suspension for the lift version Thanks to David for creating custom wear and spec maps along with the tube tailgate. thank you to the team for all the help and testing and special thanks to AW Modding for figuring out the animated antennas if yall dont follow his page go check it out.

Cars EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0 Cars EXP19 84 Toyota Hilux v1.0


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