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Wilson Silverstar 406 v1.1.0.0

By: Modell: Giants/PitbullScript: GTX


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Wilson Silverstar 406 v1.1.0.0 Moin community,

Version 1.1
Trouble shooting on the back right where the color was not accepted

First of all, I want to explain something to you. Creating a mod like this is not going to happen immediately, there is a lot of work involved, and of course every modder is looking forward to a lot of downloads, and yet everyone who creates a mod for the community would be happy if they received a small reward Many have their stuff in there via share-online or uploaded to collect points and then have them paid out.
I appeal to your reason and understanding and do not do this, but I have created a moneypool at Paypal where everyone is welcome to donate something. I am also happy about 10 or 50 cents. It does not have to be 10 euros.

Here is the link to Paypal Moneypool
So now to the essentials
Here you only modified the Wilson Silverstar 406 from the game
You can set the following here
Lizard tires
Nokian ripen
-Trelleborg tires
Color choice main color
Color choice design color
Color choice rims
Beacons selection

Animals were raised or 60 doubled
60 pigs
60 sheep
25 cows
25 horses

unfortunately you only always see the original
The RUL and speed cameras are permanently installed
I hope you like it and think about my foreword
If you have any questions, I am of course happy to help
The best and easiest way to reach me is via Discord
and of course I'm also happy about a rating and comments

Trailers Wilson Silverstar 406 v1.1.0.0 Trailers Wilson Silverstar 406 v1.1.0.0