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Category: scripts

License: All Rights Reserved


Here is initial version of RDR2 ScriptHook.
Tested only on RGL game version.

How to start?
Just download ZIP package, unpack it to empty folder and start rdr2d.exe. It will automatically find game folder and start the game with scripts.

How to write scripts?
There is small example in ZIP package. You have such callbacks as Tick, Init, OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp. Natives list can be found here https://github.com/UnknownModder/rdr3-nativedb-data
Here is noclip source. It's good for quick start in scripting.

How can I install new scripts?
Just copy script DLLs into "scripts" folder near to launcher.exe

Don't change player model. Otherwise your save will be broken.
Don't try to use NETWORK natives. There is big chance that you will be banned.
Don't try to launch Red Dead Online with Scripthook.
Don't unpack Scripthook into RDR2 game folder

What is test script?
Just simple native trainer script with such functions:
Weather control
Peds spawn
Vehicles spawn
Time control
Player model change

How to use?
F3 - Show/hide trainer
Arrows Up/Down to navigate
Page Up/Page Down for faster navigate
Enter to enter submenu
Backspace to left submenu
Noclip bindings
F2 to enable noclip
Shift to increase speed
W/S to fly forward/backward
Special thanks to @Disquse for weather names, vehicle names, ped names and teleport positions

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