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Blog: What if your mod doesn't work

Farming Simulator 19

What if your mod doesn't work

21 Sep 2019

It sometimes happens, you find the most awesome mod on our website, you download it, put it in the right mod folder on your pc and it does not work. In this article we explain step by step what you can do about this.

If your mod does not work then follow these steps in order:

1. Check whether you have installed the mod correctly, you can check this by following this article: How to install a mod

2. If you download a zip or a rar file, it often happens that there are zip or rar files inside it. This often occurs with mod packs. So be sure to check the zip file for other files. In this case, unpack the file and place these files in your mod folder on your PC.

3. Are you sure that the mod is made for your current game? If you play farming simulator 19 than you can not use mods of farming simulator 17, 15 ... Often you will find in the mod name for which version of the game the mod is made.

4. The problem can also lie with us. Although we do our very best to give you the best experience and deliver the best mods, it sometimes happens that we make a mistake or a mod creator made a mistake. Do you think the problem is with us or with a mod creator? Do not hesitate and mail to info@mod-network.com

We hope this article help you to find out why your mod isn't working!