Top 3 fs19 mods from this week! 6 october

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Image of: Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19

Top 3 fs19 mods from this week! 6 october

A new week with new mods. In this blog, we gonna pick the top 3 mods from the past week for fs19 or farming simulator 19.

If you haven’t seen or download these mods then you might consider it after this review.

fs19 mods John Deere 8000 / 8010

The first fs19 mod is the John Deere 8000 / 8010 series US tractors by Jukka / udruzenje nezavisnih modera. This mod is one of our favorites for this week. The mod from this week is the updated version V1.1 . In the past, there was already a version of this mod. The updated version brings some improvements to it. Better sound, optional starfire, Optional front/rear fenders, opening doors and windows, optional weight and much more. If you like old John Deere and you are looking to expand your fleet in fs19 then you might consider this awesome tractor. Link to mod

fs19 mods john deere working in the fields.

fs19 mods CJ tilt deck

The second on for this week is the f19 CJ tilt deck v2.0 from adub modding. Again this mod is an updated version and brings some improvements with it. If you want a super cool trailer then is this the one you need! Link to mod

fs19 tilt deck trailer.

fs19 mods Peterbilt 389

Last but not least is the fs19 Peterbilt 389 v2.0 from Blue Line Modding. This is an awesome truck with lots of customization options on it. You can choose the color of 6 different elements on the truck. So you can make it you're own unique one. Link to mod

fs19 peterbilt truck driving on the roads.