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Blog: Snowrunner coming soon!


Snowrunner coming soon!

11 Dec 2019

Do you like to drive trucks and big vehicles around? And especially in rough terrain? Well we have good news because SnowRunner is right around the corner and brings some awesome features with it.

First of all what is SnowRunner? SnowRunner is a game build by Saber Interactive, where you can drive with vehicles through snow, mud, the woods … . Snowrunner is the ultimate off-road simulator. The goal is the deliver your cargo safely through this very rough terrain The vehicles range from normal trucks to the super extreme trucks that are build in Russia.

Snowrunner is the sequel of Mudrunner and you probably guess it, in this new edition we will have snow! We can also expect better graphics, bigger maps and more vehicles.

New features we can expect:

Snowrunner is expected to launch in 2020 n PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Windows PC through the Epic Games store.