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Blog: Farming Simulator Platinum Expansion NEW dlc!!

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator Platinum Expansion NEW dlc!!

21 Sep 2019

It is this time of the year again. Every time Giant software release their next Farming Simulator we can expect the year after a big dlc for it. This time they have some big plans. Giant Software finally has a license for including Claas in the game. Something that a lot of players waited for.

What will be included in the Platinum Expansion?

Giant Software claims there will be more than 35 new models. This includes: Claas tractors, combines, harvesters, baling equipment, trailers, mowers and much more.

Claas offers a lot of different equipment to complete your farm. You can mow your grass, dry your grass and collect it with only Claas machine. That is awesome specially for the Claas fanboys that plans to buy every claas machine in the game.

Of Course the models will be super detailed and gonna be of extremely high quality.

Claas Xerion working on the field in Farming Simulator 19.

Will there be a map included in the Platinum Expansion?

We are not sure yet. At this time every Platinum Expansion game with a new map but this time it doesn’t look like Giant Software planned to make a new map.

Of course we still hope there will be a new map especially for the console players but we can’t guarantee.

Where can you buy it the Platinum Expansion?

If you have the game on steam than you can buy the Platinum Edition over there. If you both the disk version you can still buy the dlc on the official website. You will get a key that gives you access to update the game. More information on how to do that will be included in the mail of your payment.

Don’t plan on buying the dlc? You can still enter our leaderboard. It a fun way to help Mod-Network grow and share Mod-Network with your friends. The 1st prize is the Platinum Expansion.

Old claas combine driving on the road.

When gonna the Platinum Expansion be released?

The Platinum Expansion should release 22nd of October.
So a little bit more to wait.

Claas mods?

You can’t wait for the release? Well there is good news there are over 70+ Claas mods on Mod-Network: Claas mods

So you can prepare before the launch ;)

New small Claas combine working in the fields. The new Claas tractor drving on the road with a Claas trailer.