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Blog: 5 features of Snowrunner


5 features of Snowrunner

11 Dec 2019

Snowrunner is almost here. But in the meantime we gonna list 5 features that we think is worth to play this game.


Also this version of Snowrunner gonna support mods. The devs didn’t talk a lot about mods yet but they said that they took time to improve the workflow for creating mods. This means that for both pc and console players this will benefit for more and better mods.

Improved graphics

With almost every game you can expect better graphics. And this is also the case with Snowrunner. The tree’s, the vehicles, the terrain everything just looks nicer. Not only the graphics are improved but also the physics but that is a topic for another time.

Bigger maps

Snowrunner comes with a minimum of 15 different maps. The maps included rivers, mud and of course snow. The developers said that some maps are 4 time larger than the original maps included in mudrunner.


Snowrunner supports fully-synchronous four-player co-op multiplayer! A nice way to play with your friends and mess around in the mud and snow


Snowrunner includes a lot of new vehicles in all sizes. You can drive with a jeep through the rough terrain or you can take a 8x8 truck to defeat the terrain.

Snowrunner is expected to launch in 2020 n PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Windows PC through the Epic Games store.