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What new in farming simulator 19?

It is that time again! Every two years the company in Switzerland Giant Software releases their new Farming Simulator, already the 7th edition of the most played simulator ever. This year we can expect better graphics, larger and more complex gameplay elements and many new brands.

Picture of the new combine in farming simulator 19

One of the new combines in the game.

New features

A lot of new things have been added to the game this year. You can completely expand your farm yourself by buying not only fields but also land. Build your own farm with the handy builder tool that lets you place buildings or other objects. We can also expect horses this year next to chickens, sheep and cows. You can not only breed horses but you can also ride them. Discover now the two new maps on horseback or with the new John Deere tractors. There is an American and European environment. We also have two new crops at Oat and Cotton. Hours of fun


Also in this game, the farming simulator community will not stand still. We can expect realistic mods, handy script and breath-taking environments this year. On our website you can now also find the best mods of the community: Link to install easy mods for farming simulator . Download and install the mods for free so the gameplay will be even more interesting.


  • A huge step forward for the best simulator ever, with the most realistic graphics ever.
  • Use hundreds of machines that have been recreated in detail. Now John Deere is also available.
  • Expand your farm with cattle, chickens, horses and sheep.
  • Do not want to drive a tractor? From now on you can explore the map on horseback.
  • Play with up to 16 people online on your own farm or on that of others. Together with the active modding community there is always new content in the game.
The new john deere tractor with some specs

The new john deere tractor with some specs.