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Objects Liebherr 776 v0.1

Liebherr 776 v0.1


Liebherr 776 v0.1 - This is a Liebherr 776 conversion from FS17. - The mod is not mine I only converted for FS19, the credits is for the authors of the original mod. - This mod is tested on Mining & Construction Economy map and works very well. - If you don´t like the mod, don´t use, there are many mods to do what this mod do.


9.08 MB

Objects Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0

Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0

Modell: hawkTextur: hawkScript: hawkIdee / Konzept: hawkTester: hawk/ Maisparty Server

Wedgesilo extra large v1.1.0.0 The Wedgesilo extra large,Version 1.1Wedge silo now in 2 different sizes.24m width and NEW with 30m width.The dimensions of this silo are:Internal: L 70m and W 24mExternal: L 71m and W 26mPlacing: L 76m and W 28mIn front of the silo there is a restricted area of 10m where NOTHING can be tipped.The silo is therefore completely limited and cannot be "overfilled".This quite affordable construction project costs you a mere 15,000 € and can be built on request (almost) anywhere.In addition, you can mix other fruits into your silage in this excellent structure. These are straw, corn, sugarbeet and potatoes.The silo is specially designed for servers which, for example, make corn-parties or similar and have problems with the drivers who always want to drive from the finished wedge side.Furthermore, I have not yet found such a silo for multiplayer and I think that something like that is gladly taken.I did not notice any errors during the test, apart from the known problems with the collision query with the "TipTriggers" which come from the engine and also occur with Giants products.Version Info:Version 1.0Original wedge silo extra large


173.41 KB

Objects FS19 bunkerSiloOld v1.2.0.0

FS19 bunkerSiloOld v1.2.0.0


FS19 bunkerSiloOld v1.2.0.0 Placeable BunkerSilo for storing chaff. Authors: GIANTS / Rsonic


5.68 MB

Objects Kleines Fachwerkbauernhaus v1.0

Kleines Fachwerkbauernhaus v1.0


Kleines Fachwerkbauernhaus v1.0 DE:Ein kleines FachwerkbauernhausEin weiterer Mod von mir und zwar ein kleines altes Fachwerkhaus.EN:A small half-timbered farmhouseAnother mod of mine and that is a small old half-timbered house.


18.34 MB

Objects Wooden Gates And Fences v1.0.0.0

Wooden Gates And Fences v1.0.0.0


Wooden Gates And Fences v1.0.0.0 Fence 4m: Price: 250 $Fence 2m: Price: 200 $Stake: Price: 100 $Gate: Price: 200 $Wood Fence corner 4m: Price: 250 $Upkeep: 5€ per Day


1.23 MB

Objects Palett Storage Pack v1.0.0.1

Palett Storage Pack v1.0.0.1


Palett Storage Pack v1.0.0.1 This package contains stock for all Vanilla Bigpacks and IBC´s.Changelog Version Update time for performance improvement increased to 10 minutes.- Playertrigger Colision set to the correct value.- Image compression improved.Seed, fertilizer, lime, pig feed, horse feed and chicken feed stores:Construction costs 25000,- € , daily costs 10,- € , 240000l ( 120 pallets in the exit and 120000l in the entrance )Herbicide and liquid fertilizer store:Construction costs 25000,- € , daily costs 10,- €, 192000l ( 96 pallets in the exit and 96000l in the entrance )Here you can deliver pallets and bulk material and get pallets or bulk material out again.The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.Season ready.Required Mods:- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)


21.15 MB

Objects Silo Prefab v1.0.0.0

Silo Prefab v1.0.0.0

Albert Wesker

Silo Prefab v1.0.0.0 This is a prefab silo.Game Farming Simulator 19Manufacturer LizardCategory PrefabPrefab Category StaticAuthor Albert WeskerSize 22 KBVersion 13.02.2020Platform PC/MAC


22.43 KB

Objects Wooden Sheds v1.0.0.1

Wooden Sheds v1.0.0.1


Wooden Sheds v1.0.0.1 A barn where you can keep machines or harvestsPrice: 15000€ ; 12000€Seasons readyUpkeep: 25€ per DayChangelog: Added small barn


15.95 MB

Objects Herbicides Production Package v1.0.0.0

Herbicides Production Package v1.0.0.0


Herbicides Production Package v1.0.0.0 This pack contains all buildings and IBCs necessary for the production of pesticides.It can now be extracted from silage acetic acid and from liquid manure urea.These two new production goods are mixed with water to form pesticides.Acetic acid production:Produced from diesel and silage acetic acid, as waste product compost is produced.Building costs 50000, - ?, daily costs 100, - ?, capacity: Silage 50000l Diesel 50000l Acetic acid 50000l Compost 50000lProduction rate: 1000l silage + 20l diesel = 200l acetic acid + 40l compost / Processes 1000l silage per hour.Acetic acid and urea storage:Stores urea and acetic acid as liquid or in IBC.Construction costs 25000,- €, daily costs 10,- € , 192000l ( 96 pallets in the exit and 96000l in the entrance )Urea production:Produced from diesel and slurry urea.Construction costs 50000,-€ , daily costs 100,-€ , capacity: slurry 50000l diesel 50000l urea 50000lProduction rate: 1000l slurry + 20l diesel = 200l urea / Processes 1000l slurry per hour.Production of pesticides:Produced from water, acetic acid and urea pesticides.Construction costs 100000,-€ , daily costs 100,-€ , capacity: water 500000l acetic acid 50000l urea 50000lProduction rate: 760l water + 120l acetic acid + 120l urea = 1000l pesticide / Processes 1000l water per hour.IBC:Acetic acid and urea:Shoppreis 4000€ / Capacity 2000lPendant:Joskin - AquaTrans7300Shoppreis 9600€ / Capacity: 8000lLizard - MKS 32Shoppreis 68000€ / Capacity: 32000lThe mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.Season ready.Product registration script courtesy of wingiTranslated with


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