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Maps LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0

LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0

LS-LPgistconverting cappusven

LEHNDORF Map v1.0.0.0 FS19 LehndorfThis is the new version of the Lehndorf Map.It has season and some other features.Thanks to nyze_lp for his help with season and ohter things.


367.02 MB

Maps FS19 Lakeland Vale 05/02/2020 by Stevie

FS19 Lakeland Vale 05/02/2020 by Stevie


FS19 Lakeland Vale 05/02/2020 by Stevie First up the page has just passed its 10,000 likes so many thanks to you guys for all the support.FS19 Lakeland Vale by Stevie.05/02/2020Here's update 5.If you wish to use update 5 with your current gamesave you must first make sure you have all of your owned fields in the ploughed or cultivated state saved in your current game save. AI mission not owned fields are not affected by update 5.Update 5 adds new distance textures for field crops, has many improvements, adds the fill type Hmilk into the map and economy for use with my Global Company Homogenised Milk machine available in My Global Company Lakeland Vale mod pack linked below.Note: The Homogenised Milk machine and Compost factory can only be used with maps prepared for HMilk and Compost. They will fill type error on maps that are not.My Placeable Global Company mod pack comes with an updated icon zip which should be used to avoid errors and the pack has the following: Seed Maker 2020, Wood Chipper, Homogenised Milk Machine, TMR mixing Silo, Pig Feed Mixing Silo, Fermenting Silo, Digestate Silo, Grass Drying Silo, Compost Factory, Diesel Factory, Diesel storage and Fertilizer Factory plus the icon zip..Here's update 4. This update requires a fresh game restart.Do not use an old save with update 4.Adds in several user requested alterations.Adds the ability to remove road signs, street lights and southern power poles so they are out of the way if the user customizes the map layout. Removal is via the store garage and is permanent. It will leave all the above in key areas of the map.The maps base color and brightness has been slightly adjusted.Adds extra detailing and painted foliage to certain areas.Replaces field 20's vehicle shed with a removable placeable version.Clip distance adjusted on the vehicle shed and barns wood panels.Fixed the flashing sign on the vehicle shop roof.Land id 63 the roads and boundary is now free to buy.Several areas of terrain have been smoothed.Bale triggers have been added to the animals straw triggers.Support for bale shredders added to the pig straw trigger.There's more. Have fun.Place the downloaded zip straight into your mods folder, load and play. I offer no support for any external mods used with this map other than my own.The aim was to create a laid back easy to just play and relax hassle free map. The map at first glance is just this with square fields, easy missions nice fictional US country to have fun and play the game in. However I created the map with painted roads and lanes and just one small traffic spline in the northern small town of Lakeland Vale. This allows the user a huge scope of map customization using the simple in game terrain tools allowing the users to basically recreate this however they wish. Most of the farm can be removed apart from the animals and house.The map features one farm with vehicle reset point, sleep trigger, all in game animals in custom pens complete with the Animal Pen Extension APE. The APE mod file is not included and must be downloaded separately from its source. The farm has a large capacity silo, silage clamp, manure store, workshop, diesel supply, vehicle sheds, barn sales, wool sales and farm supply point. You have 5 owned fields 4 planted ready for harvest and 1 grass. The map is seasons ready with snow mask and custom textures. AI friendly with large grass areas at field ends and the BGA has 6 clamps, sunken tip points and fast processing.The map features compost but will require a relevant global company composting plant mod like the one I released and the addition of the Global Company mod script not supplied and must be download from source and a minimum version of V1.1.0.0 is required for my mod pack. The map has a smaller forestry area and several good sized placeable areas. Diesel can be sold at both gas stations, water can be sold at the animal suppliers. Eggs can be sold at the dairy and supermarket. Water can be filled for free from the farms wind pump, horses water trough and dairy water tower.I have not built in any Global Script productions as you can get placeables and I decided against extra fruit.Here's a huge big thank you to Frank, Larry and Duckzorly for help testing the map.Have fun with the map and thank for the support, regards Stevie.Donation link:


1.66 MB

Maps Mazowiecka Nizina v1.0.0.0

Mazowiecka Nizina v1.0.0.0


Mazowiecka Nizina v1.0.0.0 Welcome,Today I present to you my map in the Polish Climate which is the MAZOVIA LOW!The map is inspired by the municipality in which I live.The map offers:? 2 farms [placeables buildings]? 130 farmlands [95 fields]? Agricultural machinery store? 360 ° soil texture? Mud? Terrain inspired from real life? Sawmill? Forest? Missions in the fields? New textures? Traffic? Purchases? Liming station? 2 gas stations? Ability to build your own farm? Compatibility with SEASON modem? And much more ...I hope you like the mapRegards Krasekprohibitions:No editing!No change of author!Prohibition of posting on forums, websites, etc.!


452.53 MB

Maps The Delta with Rice Working Beta

The Delta with Rice Working Beta

Old Iron Addicts

The Delta with Rice Working Beta The Delta with Rice Working Beta for Farming simulator 19 The Delta by Old Iron Addicts. What a great map. Big fields. Rice included. Credits: Old Iron Addicts


1.62 GB




FAZENDA SERIEMA v1.0.0.0 CONVERSION & ADAPTATIONS: Zéh HenriqueAgro Farm BR TeamDESCRIPTION:Headquarters has fillingof seeds, fertilizers andMachinery Workshop.Map counts on the companyLimestone of Mato Grosso and supplyof waterSales: CoamoC.ValeCooperFibraTimberCREDITS:Creator FS13: Alex WeissConversion FS15: Juliano Lostgamer


241.34 MB

Maps GRONINGEN Map v1.0.2

GRONINGEN Map v1.0.2

Map by MikeFSTestteam van FS Nederlandse Gemeenschap.Giants-software.0maxi0 door LS-Modcompany - Hall.Boer Andy, Madabub, Katsuo, 20 mm Normandië, Maaslandmods, BeunHaes (JD7530-Chris, inter fa.PCS / Sprinter & CREE7EN - Sc

GRONINGEN Map v1.0.2 Changelog V1.0.0.2:1. Barbed wire removed at the entrance to the fence.Season 2 added and is now ready.3. At the entrance of the start farm. 1 garden light removed, and first a bunch of collision was removed.4. added a bridge to Land 4.5. Grass boundaries number of fields in.6. XML adapted. For multiplayer mode. You now need to create 7 farms in the game.7. A sales point has now been set up in the machine shop. To sell your vehicles.8. Hayloft has changed. You can now also sell cardboard bales there. You can sell sheep's wool in the shop (Jumbo).9. Sounds are adjusted.10. New biogas plant added to the farm.11. Eggs can be sold in the (jumbo)-Here I present my card.I worked on the map for six months.A new version of the map with seasons is coming.I still have a problem with the snow.In the video I show what is available.I wish everyone a lot of fun with the card


535.00 MB

Maps FS19 Biernatki v2.0.1

FS19 Biernatki v2.0.1


FS19 Biernatki v2.0.1 Polish map of Biernatka. Ready for the latest V. 1. 1. 0. 0 season update. Changes on the map: - improved ploughing and soil textures -Revised farmland -the buildings of the village were added (no playable farms) - the animal nutrition menu has been improved You have to start a new game on the map, the old "save" will have mistakes. -83 configured fields. -120 Lands to be bought separately. -No farm buildings. -You have to develop the area yourself. -Additional crops, rye, spelt, millet, lucerne, tobacco, hops, onions, carrots, poppies (cabbages and lettuce have been abandoned) these crops can be grown in greenhouses. -Dynamic mud on field roads . -Dynamic mud works according to ground moisture. -The mud doesn't work if it's long dry or frosty, the best effects are after it rains. It will not be added to the fields because it interferes with the construction of the farm. You can always add mud where you want it with the editor. -All the functions that the farm simulator offers -purchase and sale of manure and slurry - street and pedestrian traffic - transport emissions -missions from farmers -new substrate and plant textures -All the shrubs lose their leaves in winter, the grasses and weeds are greatly reduced. Placeable silos supporting the map under the link, Please do not update your silos because they will stop picking up the crop, or you can add fruit to your silos yourself. http://www. . us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/unzipgoliszewsupportsilos-v1-0-1/; Have fun on the map. Yazu


871.05 MB

Maps NEFG Modding Case IH Magnum 2011 v1.0

NEFG Modding Case IH Magnum 2011 v1.0

NEFG Modding

NEFG Modding Case IH Magnum 2011 v1.0 2011 Magnum with many configurations and all fs19 standards! Author: NEFG Modding


22.59 MB

Maps Ridge Road Map v1.0.0.0

Ridge Road Map v1.0.0.0 LeBlanc (trees and advice)? FDR (trees)Also huge thanks to the discord of "Mod and Map Making Lounge" If your a modder interested in joining look me up on facebook and ask for a invite.

Ridge Road Map v1.0.0.0 This is a completely redesigned version of logging in the mountains. I went back an completely flattened the map, deleted all trees, majority of buildings and moved everything around! Only thing still the same is the waterfalls and barges. Hope you enjoy and please leave some feedback so I can improve maps in the future! All work done by myself GamerDesigns facebook at


107.30 MB


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