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FS19 PEASANTVILLE 2 8X PRODUCTION v1.3 NO MAP ERRORS, SEASONS READY: Extreme Farming, featuring Space Center Underground Caves sell points, largest underground highway system ever seen in Farm Sim, Not a flat map, massive highway and road system, 3 cities, 1 town. FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND WORKING 8x MAP!! single pre built farm with large cow, pig , chicken and sheep husbandry (must choose new farmer mode) For scenario Must start as new farmer: scenario You have taken the biggest chance of your life, you went and purchased a massive farm, complete with all the equipement, you left yourself with just 100000.00 and its spring, good thing you already filled all your machines with seed, fertilizer and stocked up on fuel, all your equipement is large specialy equipement with large capacities. (dont forget to check your auger wagons, storage facilities etc....). The farm business also comes with many contract to supply factories (found in your garage/global company) to transport those goods to market, your partners are already hard at work and have products waiting, and some ready for orders to start producing. Dont forget to supply your contract they have workers that need work to feed their loved ones too. The municipality of peasantville is very large, has many businesses that need products and servives , you will find it very hard to keep up with demands of the public and the businesses, hope you can handle it. with the peasantville seasons mod (supplied) you get hot summers where you can grow all crop types with 4 cold months of winter with lots of snow. (seasons missions coming) EXTREMELY LARGE FARMING DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? **Change of start equipment, farm silo and a few others things recommend download all mods** Majority of equipment you need is already purchased sitting in farm yard ready to work and other plaeces around the map.(MUST ADD MODS SUPPLIED IN ZIP FOLDER ***you must keep mods updated. All mods only avail in V1.1***) build your own areas at all 3 cities, additional factories etc. Plus many others areas to build your own areas.(city/town build your own is in “dirt” with no grass or trees.) V 1.3 NO MAP ERRORS Removed from XML Auto Load trailers,Bread factorry, Diesel factory NEW Farmlands Complete Now factories and vehicles are available in all start up modes! 3 New specialty sell points 2 Bio Gas plants (6 total) all train silo and depot complete (capacity 20000000) All train triggers corrected and verified (Train cars capacity is 1 million per grain/beet car) Oil Pumps (12 Pre filled) Oil Refinery Magazine factory Composite hall pack the above mods PLUS other mod updates are in the file (Oil Pump, Oil Refinery, Large Farm Silo, Cat Pack), UNZIP and add all files to your mods folder. Majority of the map is now complete, more trees, lights, signs and other cosmetics and functionality still to come. V1.1 NEW additions First new fruit type: Alfalfa by shywizard Large commercial storage facility near factories (north city), with dry, cold and bulk storage facilities.(supplied in zip file), including A large ATC container yard, with containers and loading machine and transport pack (complete ATC packs supplied in zip file) Large sea port (total 3) Airport Large Race track (with cars at race track ready to race. (supplied in zip file)) 3 of 3 trains complete (train 3 can pick up from certain train 1 and 2 silos) allows use of trains for majority of the whole map and move products to main city. Cat eyes, bumps and intersection barriers removed from highways Plus many other additions, mainly residential areas in city and some grass and trees remain to be completed please report any issue additional sell points Race Track SEASONS READY FS19_GEO_peasantville BATA (included in mods folder production mods peasantville ***REQUIRED MODS*** (Included in Zip files in Version 1.1 ONLY last change of vehicles and equipment all future map updates will onlly contain the map and any additional items needed not included in this pack!!!!) thanks to the modders that created the mods, please download any NON custom mods **must update mods when new updates comes out* except custom mods. **custom equipmenet will overwrite the original file if you already have it*** all equipment listed is purchased and ready in place (not at shop) ready to use.... 3 ZIP FILES TOTAL 1.the map: (required) 2.Farm mods, geo, factories, custom equipment: fs19 mods: equipment mods peasantville will get errors for not finding owned item) Farm Mods (building mods peasantville bigShed19 FS19_72x160_workshopShed FS19_MultiSiloPeasantville FS19_TMRManufacturing FS19_PSM_PIGFOOD_Production FS19_SystemTec_SiloFermentierPlant FS19_GlobalCompanyPlaceable_SeedMaker FS19_CowHT organicpigsty FS19_ChickenHT husbandrySheepExtraLarge Buildings FS19_crane_building FS19_MachineHall (shop for ATC and warehouses) Factories (production mods peasantville FS19_Warehouse_DryStorage FS19_Warehouse_ColdStorage FS19_Warehouse_BulkStorage FS19_GlobalCompanyPlaceable_DieselByStevie Flour_Factory Sugar_Factory FS19_CheeseFactory Cookies_Factory ColzaOil_Factory Bread_Factory Chips_Factory Salt_Factory Sausage_Factory Dairy_Factory Carton_Factory Tissue_Factory Brauerei_Factory Distillery_Factory Vodka_Factory Huehner_Factory FS19_FEDmods_Kalkwerk FS19_HopsYard Coal_Factory Equipment mods peasantville ***optional*** FS19_WarriorSemiByStevie FS19_MegaPack_Farm_PSM Iconik_IdealV2_FS19 FS19_CIMC_Trailers FS19_LizardAutoloader silverstar FS19_ATC_ContainerPack FS19_ATC_ContainerTransportationPack FS19_Fontaine_Magnitude_80 FS19_CM_9RX_Series FS19_Cat_Mower_Pack_ModLandNet FS19_SL_80_22_Quantum_Autoload FS19_Rubicon_9000_Gamling_Edition *for race track* Mercedes_Sclass_FS19 FS19_BentleyContinentalGT2018 BMW_7Series_FS19 BugattiDivo_FS19 Custom equipment peasantville LS19_Condor_15001_allFruit FS19_CM_NL345 FS19_SeedHawk_Peasantville FS19_Lizard_MKS_32_Gamling_Edition FS19_KrampeSB3060ByStevie FS19_HouleTanker FS19_FlexiNTrailer FS19_Coolamon_bins_packbulkadubmodding FS19_Kalmar_DRF450_60S5   ---------   V 1.0 10 Sell locations 1 Boi-Gas 2 Animal dealers many gas stations Production Flour, Cheese, Diesel, Lime, Sugar, Meat, Pallet and Paper, Dairy, Tissue, Cookie. TMR Mixer, Pig Food Mixer, Fermentor, Seed Production (at player farm, new farmer mode). 2 of 3 trains complete. ***MAP UNFINISHED WILL TRY TO RELEASE MONTHLY UPDATES TILL COMPLETE*** NO MAP BOUNDARIES (you can drive off map), TREES OR SEASONS MASK YET ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 68 Fields (more fields in future) fields of all kinds, flat , hilly, rough, smooth, small, medium, large and massive. approx 13 feilds not in list Field 1 (field01) : 3.980 ha Field 2 (field02) : 15.980 ha Field 3 (field03) : 4.000 ha Field 4 (field04) : 16.040 ha Field 5 (field05) : 81.090 ha Field 6 (field06) : 68.715 ha Field 7 (field07) : 324.180 ha Field 8 (field08) : 36.000 ha Field 9 (field09) : 4.000 ha Field 10 (field10) : 4.020 ha Field 11 (field11) : 3.990 ha Field 12 (field12) : 36.030 ha Field 13 (field13) : 4.010 ha Field 14 (field14) : 15.980 ha Field 15 (field15) : 35.940 ha Field 16 (field16) : 16.000 ha Field 17 (field17) : 713.892 ha Field 18 (field18) : 265.702 ha Field 19 (field19) : 72.210 ha Field 20 (field20) : 16.040 ha Field 21 (field21) : 36.060 ha Field 22 (field22) : 64.080 ha Field 23 (field23) : 16.040 ha Field 24 (field24) : 16.040 ha Field 25 (field25) : 18.045 ha Field 26 (field26) : 9.015 ha Field 27 (field27) : 9.015 ha Field 28 (field28) : 9.030 ha Field 29 (field29) : 9.030 ha Field 30 (field30) : 26.681 ha Field 31 (field31) : 5.784 ha Field 32 (field32) : 5.808 ha Field 33 (field33) : 5.784 ha Field 34 (field34) : 5.784 ha Field 35 (field35) : 16.095 ha Field 36 (field36) : 64.040 ha Field 37 (field37) : 16.020 ha Field 38 (field38) : 21.527 ha Field 39 (field39) : 4.020 ha Field 40 (field40) : 4.020 ha Field 41 (field41) : 4.020 ha Field 42 (field42) : 4.030 ha Field 43 (field43) : 4.020 ha Field 44 (field44) : 4.020 ha Field 45 (field45) : 25.050 ha Field 46 (field46) : 31.519 ha Field 47 (field47) : 13.014 ha Field 48 (field48) : 16.080 ha Field 49 (field49) : 29.859 ha Field 50 (field50) : 19.404 ha Field 51 (field51) : 19.404 ha Field 52 (field52) : 64.080 ha Field 53 (field53) : 4.020 ha Field 54 (field54) : 4.020 ha Field 55 (field55) : 4.030 ha Field 56 (field56) : 4.030 ha Field 57 (field57) : 4.060 ha Field 58 (field58) : 4.060 ha Field 59 (field59) : 4.020 ha Field 60 (field60) : 36.802 ha Field 61 (field61) : 18.403 ha Field 62 (field62) : 23.609 ha Field 63 (field63) : 16.040 ha Field 64 (field64) : 40.874 ha Field 65 (field65) : 59.242 ha Field 66 (field66) : 46.150 ha Field 67 (field67) : 28.256 ha Field 68 (field67) : 30.979 ha


1,009.23 MB

Maps FS19 Un Air d'Aveyron v2.0

FS19 Un Air d'Aveyron v2.0


FS19 Un Air d'Aveyron v2.0 Voici pour vous la Map Un Air d'Aveyron en version 2.0 La map comporte : - Ferme : - 2 fermes à vaches - 2 fermés céréalière - 1 Ferme a mouton - 2 corps de ferme sans animaux -Point de vente -Un BGA -Une scierie -Une vente de PDT et betterave -Vente du lait -3 coop -Vente du coton et de la laine -Un vendeur au bestiaux -Autre -Toutes les fonctionnalliter FS19 -0 erreur log -Compatible season -128 champs -8 parcelle d'herbe -Négociant bestiaux - 2 forest - Achat d'engrais, de chaux et de semences à la coop agricole Remerciement : PascalT, CedM46, Fred, HomerJC, Spider, Tétine, Lavipere, Lbdt Gaming, Linkmat. Crédit: LaValléeAgricole


357.16 MB

Maps BRASIL SUL v1.1.0.0

BRASIL SUL v1.1.0.0


BRASIL SUL v1.1.0.0 Version - Fixed BugsEN:The South Map Brazil Made by William Antenor on Fs15 and Converted by me Juliano Lostgamer, for Ultima 2 Game Version Fs17 & 19, Map Where You Can Use Your Creativity and Create Your Headquarters, Lands of Your Way Good Game to All.DE:Die von William Antenor auf Fs15 erstellte und von mir konvertierte Südbrasilien-Karte Juliano Lostgamer für die Ultima 2-Spielversion Fs17/19PT:O mapa brasil Sul Feito Por Willian Antenor no Fs15 e Convertido por mim Juliano Lostgamer,Para Ultimas 2 Versão do Game Fs17 e 19,Mapa Onde vc Pode Usar Sua Criatividade e Criar Sua Sede,Terrenos do Seu Jeito Bom Jogo a Todos.


184.64 MB

Maps Goldcrest Valley v2.01

Goldcrest Valley v2.01

Giants Slava_102Rus bhModding

Goldcrest Valley v2.01 Goldcrest Valley converted from FS17, I fixed all errors, added custom crop and grass textures, made all land buyable, turned the sheds into placeables, plus other changes. 2.01 few bug fixes, no new save required.


532.53 MB

Maps Deutsche Heimat v1.0.0.0

Deutsche Heimat v1.0.0.0

Flo0815, Sven Lakemeier, Farmer Fabi ( 0815Mods&Gaming;)

Deutsche Heimat v1.0.0.0 Liebe LS-Gemeinschaft,Hier sieht ihr nun unser neues Mapprojekt..Die Map LS19_Deutsche_Heimat V1.0Diese Karte wird stetig weiterentwickelt .Es ist eine wie von uns gewohnt große Map mit 16,7 Quadratkilometern , sie bietet 228 Ackerflächen wo Grünland über die Feldmissionen schon inbegriffen ist , dazu mehrere Forstgebiete, Biogasanlagen und 9 flache freie Hofplatten ( insgesamt 255 kaufbare Gebiete )Die Map ist auch für Seasons vorbereitet.Sie enthält unter anderen auch die Früchte : Hirse, Mohn, Dinkel und Roggen .Einen Starthof für den Singleplayer gibt es noch nicht, kommt aber noch.Wie von uns gewohnt eine super Map für großangelegte Multiplayerspiele .Saatgut, Dünger und Kalk könnt ihr bei den meisten Verkaufsstellen unter den Grünen Silos Kaufen.Produktionen sind keine verbaut da es unserer Meinung nach keinen Sinn ergibt, wer dies gerne möchte kann sich den GC installieren und sich die Produktionszweige selber Platzieren ( Ist ja Platz genug ) .Für Verbesserungsvorschläge sind wir stehts erhörbar .Für dämliche Kommentare NICHT .Mit freundlichen Grüßen 0815Mods&Gaming .Credits : Flo0815, Sven Lakemeier, Farmer Fabi. Ein großer Dank geht auch an Jasmine und Timo die unsere Map auf Herz und Nieren getestet haben.


1.25 GB

Maps Goldcrest Valley v2.0

Goldcrest Valley v2.0


Goldcrest Valley v2.0 Goldcrest Valley converted from FS17, I fixed all errors, added custom crop and grass textures, made all land buyable, turned the sheds into placeables, plus other changes.


541.13 MB

Maps Black Mountain v3.0

Black Mountain v3.0

HOOT and ACME ACRES for the edit

Black Mountain v3.0 Although i have done a ton of work to this map i still give all the credit to the original map author because without his amazing map none of this would have been possible. V3 changes You can now paint grass with the landscape tool. Added lots more room for placeables. Added even more tree types and more trees in general. Totally reworked the sawmill. Added new areas to the map for some nice yarder logging. Added some flatter terain for lots more harvester logging. You can now purchase the entire map to make snow removal better. Cleaned up the main farm area, got rid of the junk. There is so much more i did with the smaller details that i wont bore with the details, youll just have to look for yourself. Id like to give a huge thank you to my testing crew, Jason Williams A.K.A. Poor Boy Logging for the fantastic job of testing the map, Unlike most so called testers he really digs into a map with the sole purpose of finding problems and reports them back in detail so if you find anything wrong then its my fault for not listening to And i also have to thank Neale Green A.K.A PappaSmurf. Without his help with map building in FS 19 i may have just given up on maps all together. He helped me figure out the new land buying system as well as how to add grass to maps that dont have it, he is the one who put the paintable grass in this map and also fixed some errores that i overlooked. His help has been invaluable over the last couple of years. Testers never get the credit they deserve for all the time and effort that they too put into these maps. So thank you guys very much. I do suggest using the place anywhere mod or the global company mod so you dont have any issues placing object. This map has BIG trees and will require a modded harvester to cut them, they are all over by now. FBM, FDR,and myself have posted them. I hope you enjoy this version as much as i enjoyed making it.


561.78 MB

Maps Oberkrebach Map v1.0.0.3

Oberkrebach Map v1.0.0.3


Oberkrebach Map v1.0.0.3 On to Oberkrebach, a small town with an idyllic courtyard where the singleplayer is waiting for work.Animals are already installed at the farm (horses at the horse farm). But also in the MP you can have your fun.The map is not very big but there is much to discover.There are all FS 19 standards installed.The map offers:Cows, sheep, pigs, horses,20 fields,5 meadows,5 outlets,2 forests for forestry work anda BGAA beautiful landscape is waiting to be discovered by you.Changelog updateChangelog a new field has been added- Cow and pigsty processed (the decoration objects are gone)- Courtyard building edited (other shelters and gates added)-Other field textures-Multifactiongrass hizu joined (regrowing)- at the two higher levels of difficulty no animals are at the startIt is a new score necessary!Changelog Bushes (GRASSTOWN) and decorative grass (not renewable) (GRASSROUG) can now be drawn in the game- Texture layer revisedExcept for the new textures, no new savegame is required.


120.66 MB

Maps Race Map 2020 v1.0.0.0

Race Map 2020 v1.0.0.0


Race Map 2020 v1.0.0.0 Hello! Participate in the races on the farm, you can chase any technique. At the beginning of the base, you will have three different vehicles. The monster truck has altered the speed of all three exactly 121 km. The road is not ordinary but not straight, it will be difficult for you to compete with friends on the map of Felsbrunn. good luck to everyone No. 1 Download the Race FS19 mod there are many different objects and vehicles built Monster truck No. 2 Download the archive save the game FS19, you need to unzip the folder and put it in the path: C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2019 \ - - Download second link


122.64 MB


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