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Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0

By: Modell: Giovanni Lauffer Textur: Giovanni Lauffer, Silak_68 Script: Ifko[nator] Idee / Konzept: Silak_68 Tester: Silak_68, Maulwurf63

Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 0 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 1 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 2 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 3 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 4 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 5 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 6 Image: Sport bike BMW S1000RR v1.0.0.0 7


Whether you want to tour through the serpentines of the Alps or through the streets of a village, or feel the rush of speed and the power of the engine, this sports motorcycle offers the ultimate non plus ultra for everyone.
This model is a virtual replica of the roadworthy power pack from the Bavarian Motor Works of the 2nd generation from 2010-2014. The instruments are from the 3rd generation.
The artist, Giovanni Lauffer, has painstakingly recreated the static model, faithful to the original, with meticulous attention to detail.
With a lot of love, the model was breathed into virtual life by the modder and scripter, Silak_68, and so one of the best motorcycles that has ever existed in LS was created.

What does the BMW S 1000 RR have to offer?
Color choice: grey/black (matt), blue, green, red.
With carbon helmet, or without. (A short haircut is recommended with a helmet).
1st sight, interior view:
Animation of dashboard lighting, analogue tachometer, rev limiter light, digital speedometer, fuel gauge, indicator for turn signals, hazard lights, high beam, time display (ingame time), gear shift display, indicator lights of all displays light up when the engine is started, ignition key, mirrors left and right, Steering movement, driver's head movement when accelerating and stopping, lateral tilting of the motorcycle in curves, driver's gaze remains horizontal, bumps in the road simulated, ... .

3rd sight, exterior view:
Animation of pinion, chain, sprocket, wheels, spokes, tire lettering, front and rear suspension, steering, turn signals, hazard lights, low beam, high beam, LED brake light, LED rear light, license plate and license plate light, heat and exhaust gas outlet from the exhaust system muffler. Choice of two types of rims, inclination of the motorcycle in curves, change of position of the driver in curves, leaning and straightening of the driver when accelerating and stopping. No pollution.

Performance: faithful to the real original:
- Speed: 299 km/h
- HP: 142 kW / 193 HP
- Maximum speed: 16000 rpm
- Tank capacity: 17 liters
- Weight: 202kg

Author of the 3D model: Giovanni Lauffer
Mod author: Silak_68
Tester: Silak_68, Maulwurf63
Description: Maulwurf63

Conclusion of the tester:
Optics: almost real. Driving experience: excellent. Driving stability: absolutely safe. Fun factor: incredible.


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