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FS22 Mack MP8 Sound Mod v1.0.0.0

By: Mayto420

Image: FS22 Mack MP8 Sound Mod v1.0.0.0 0


To install place the files in the correct folder and put the following lines in the sound xml: <motor template="engineLarge" file="sounds/mack_mp8_engine_loop.gls" volumeScale="1.8" linkNodeOffset="0 2 2.0"/> <motor template="indoorCabinRumble" /> <motor file="sounds/turbo_loop.gls" linkNodeOffset="0 1.3 1.7" volumeScale="1" innerRadius="0.5" outerRadius="50" fadeIn="0.6" fadeOut="1" pitchScale="1"> <lowpassGain indoor="0.45" outdoor="0.6" /> <lowpassCutoffFrequency indoor="100" outdoor="15000"/> <lowpassResonance indoor="0" outdoor="0"/> <volume indoor="0.70" outdoor="1.00" > <modifier type="MOTOR_LOAD" value="0.00"   modifiedValue="1.00" /> <modifier type="MOTOR_LOAD" value="35.00"  modifiedValue="1.00" /> <modifier type="MOTOR_LOAD" value="75.00"  modifiedValue="1.30" /> <modifier type="MOTOR_LOAD" value="100.00" modifiedValue="1.50" /> </volume> </motor>


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