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John deere 2510H

By: LRModding/J.Amodding converted by K.Hmodding

Image: John deere 2510H 0


John Deere 2510H And John Deere 2510H Tank v1.0.0.0 John Deere 2510h Implements used to apply liquid nutrients to crops before and after harvest using fertilizers and limestone
-Price John Deere 2510H: € 110,436
-Capacity: 5500L
-Price TANK 2510H: 12000 €
-Tank Capacity: 7570L
-workingWidth: 11.5
-neededPower: 160 hp First mod I converted input needed


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30 Jan 2023

I do not know if you know this but there is no color at all for it i wood like to see color for it every time i see it on youtube it has color