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Cat 349E/349F/352F

Image: Cat 349E/349F/352F 0 Image: Cat 349E/349F/352F 1 Image: Cat 349E/349F/352F 2


I think it's finally time I release this thing to the public! This is a full rebuild of the public Cat 349E with new up-to-date textures, and two more excavator model options!

Credits to the creator of the original version!

-3 different logo styles for different models (349E, 349F, 352F)
-Full UDIM
-works with my Terrafarm-compatible 40 ton buckets



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28 Jun 2022

I know you guys don't get a lot of credit, but thank you for releasing this to the public and allowing the community to indulge in your mods.


29 Jun 2022

Thanks for the support! It means a lot to hear that people enjoy my work!

SeaBass Gaming

29 Jun 2022

Hey so i downloaded everything and im in-game trying to attach the bucket to the CAT 349 and there is no option coming up to attach, any guesses as to whats going on?

SeaBass Gaming

11 Jul 2022

Must have been bad downloads for some reason, I just redownloaded for the 4th time and now its working perfect.


13 Jul 2022

I downloaded the file dragged and dropped it into my mods folder, bought it ingame and it wont let me do anything control wise. it doesn't let me turn on the engine either. any help would be appreciated i play with controller too.  Edited