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FS19 Varvarovka Map v1.1.6

By: polyakdemon, Aleksey Potanin


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Size: 475.84 MB

Category: maps

License: All Rights Reserved


– 41 fields; – All the necessary points of sale; – Beauty in every corner of the map; – A lot of crossroads. In general, the road is suitable for driving on any vehicle, although the whole is covered with potholes and cracks; – Russian traffic; – pedestrians; – A large number of objects. Version 1.1.6: Changed: 1. Textures of poplar, namely display with the season mod 2. Added icons for placing animals and productions on PDA 3. Reduced the weight of the map 4. Added a pack of objects (garages, workshops, a house) from the Berry map. 5. Fixed small things.

maps FS19 Varvarovka Map v1.1.6 maps FS19 Varvarovka Map v1.1.6