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Black Mountain Montana Version 2.0

By: Hoot

Black Mountain Montana Version 2.0 picture of maps


Downloads: 555

Size: 199.96 MB

Category: maps


This map was created using real world terrain from the area around Black Mountain near Missoula Montana. Version 2.0 of the map has been made ready for the seasons mod. The winters will be very cold with lots of snow and the summers will be hot and dry. The main roads will have the snow plowed since that is done my the road department in real life. You will need to plow the mountain roads if you want to log in the winter. I recommend starting a new career with the seasons mod. To continue a existing career with this version, back-up the old map version and rename this one "FS19_BlackMounain" and place it in the mods folder.

Most of the map is mountainous forest with some farmland in the Northeast called the Big Flat in the real world. There is a fictional small town in the Northeast corner with the equipment dealer and the sell points. There is also a sell point in the Northwest at the horse ranch. There is no BGA or train.

The focus of the map is forestry, but there are enough decent size fields that a player can easily make a living just with farming. There are no animal zones so they will have to be placeables. There is ample open flat ground for the player to use for placeables. You may have to cut down a few trees and grind the stumps off first.

Version 2.0 Change log:
-Snow mask added for the Season mod.
-Weather adjusted for Seasons mod.
-Traffic flow modified.

Credits: Hoot, Giants Software, Dorset (gates), Fatian(roads), RWModding (fences), JohnDeere1952 (entrance)


Black Mountain Montana Version 2.0 maps Black Mountain Montana Version 2.0 maps Black Mountain Montana Version 2.0 maps


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8th August, 2019 06:08

There is a typo on the suggested file name. Great map though, loving the update :)

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4th August, 2019 07:08

There is a guide that contains additional information about this map in my page in the Community section. Hoot's Mods, @Hoot

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10th August, 2019 04:08

Thanks Frithgar. It should be FS19_BlackMountain.

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