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FS19 Dodge Ram 3500 v3.0

By: NoahRohner

FS19 Dodge Ram 3500 v3.0 picture of cars


Downloads: 876

Size: 116.27 MB

Category: cars


– Power: 257 kW / 350 hp;
– Speed: 130 km / h;
– The volume of the fuel tank: 120 l .;
– Price: 52 999 €;
– Select the primary color;
– The choice of color design;
– The choice of grille;
– The choice of accessories in the body;
– Selection of wheels;
– Present hitch and seat for semi-trailers;
– fixation belts;
– Working lighting;
– leaves traces.


FS19 Dodge Ram 3500 v3.0 cars FS19 Dodge Ram 3500 v3.0 cars FS19 Dodge Ram 3500 v3.0 cars


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