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FS19 Chevy K30 Dually v1.0

By: The Expendables

FS19 Chevy K30 Dually v1.0 picture of cars


Downloads: 1884

Size: 122.32 MB

Category: cars


Chevy K30 Dually. Some of the features:
> Color selection
> Custom dirt-wear masks
> Custom sounds
> Bed options
> 3 sets of tires with 2 different configurations each
> Windows tint option
> License plate option
> Animated steering
> Animated interior


FS19 Chevy K30 Dually v1.0 cars FS19 Chevy K30 Dually v1.0 cars FS19 Chevy K30 Dually v1.0 cars


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16th June, 2019 11:06

every time i try downloading this mod and put it in the mods folder it doesnt show up in the game.(i have tried downloading it about 7 times) What am i doing wrong, if anything?

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15th July, 2019 02:07

when will the rusty version com out

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2nd December, 2019 04:12

Wontedc1ock: You have to go to you fs19 folder and then click mods once so you don’t go in to the mod folder then save it there. I had the same problem and that’s how i got it to work.

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