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FS19 Ford Super Duty v1.0

By: Expendables Modding & whomever worked with them to make that truck. I only modified behind the scenes and took the brush guard off.


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What we have here is a basic reupload with modifications. I think this was an Expendables mod and they get all the credit for the models and whatnot.
I hate that nothing in the game has any sort of suspension. So I fixed that. There is a f250 single rear and dual wheel variant as well as a f350 dual wheel variant. This is just to show different load capacities. I did not use math and make is super accurate but I loaded a 40ft gooseneck with what I deemed appropriate and modified the suspension to act accordingly. The load that a f350 dually can carry more than the f250 single rear wheel variant as it should. I also added an engine option and modded the gearing a little…
Also made them smoke a little since they are tuned and i like it.

cars FS19 Ford Super Duty v1.0 cars FS19 Ford Super Duty v1.0