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HofHau v1.0.0.0

By: Idee / Konzept: Ls15_Modding und Team
Tester: Andre vom Ls15_Modding Team
Und sonst allen danke dessen Objekte verbaut wurden

HofHau v1.0.0.0 picture of Maps


Downloads: 25

Size: 105.19 MB

Category: Maps


HofHau v1.0.0.0 Hello dear Ls 19 friends Finally the time has come Our Hof Hau Map has made it to the download and here we can presnet them for you
Points of sale
For fruits Raiffeisen
Selling point for bales and wool Cotton is the barn and sipnnerei at the cattle dealer where you can buy and sell the animals
The sawmill is the point of sale for logs and chips
There is a lot of grassland that can be cultivated very quickly with the help of a cultivator
The map may not be rebuilt and offered new and may not be uploaded anywhere else in the originals !!!!!
And now we hope you enjoy playing the Ls15_Modding team.


HofHau v1.0.0.0 Maps HofHau v1.0.0.0 Maps HofHau v1.0.0.0 Maps


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