farming simulator 19 modsHooklift Service container v1.2

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Hooklift Service container v1.2

By: GtX (LS-Modcompany)/Iconik/Lantmanenfs

Hooklift Service container v1.2 picture of Implements & Tools


Downloads: 215

Size: 59.59 MB

Category: Implements & Tools


Hooklift Service container v1.2 Service container with tank, service and laundry. That gets the place handle nearby. The water tank that pumps it. How to refill water for washing, Diesel tank can hold 2000. Have fun with it.


Hooklift Service container v1.2 Implements & Tools Hooklift Service container v1.2 Implements & Tools Hooklift Service container v1.2 Implements & Tools


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10th February, 2020 03:02

This is a great mod, very useful. however I found an issue with it, and I say this with much respect to it creator/author, Not to put anyone down but to communicate the issue so it can be fixed. the issue I experienced was it wouldn't unhook from the runner truck after it was hooked, would have to sell or return the truck to disconnecting it once I placed it where I needed it on the map during gameplay. otherwise I like the detail, and its functions, however having to have to sell or return the truck to disconnect it, and buying or renting the runner truck again to move it and repeating again isn't very cost effective in game play. So I deleted it, if this issue is fixed in any future versions of this mod I will certainly download it and play it. but for now due to what I've mentioned above it cant use it right now. Best Regards Mike Wilson Sr

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