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Horsch Maestro 12SW MultiFruit | Color v1.1

By: MasterBlack


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Category: Implements & Tools

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Horsch Maestro 12SW MultiFruit | Color v1.1 Horsch Maestro 12SW MultiFruit | Multicolor

Version 1.1
-> Carrots, onions, hops, rye, spelled, millet, poppy seeds, alfalfa added ...

A modified seeder

The following changes have been made:
Version 1.1 MultiColorEdit:

-> All previously available types of fruit from the LS19 were packed in (MultiFruit)
-> Colors added for body (MultiColor)
-> colors for rims added (MultiColor)
-> Seed capacity increased to 7,000l
-> fertilizer capacity increased to 12,000l


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Implements & Tools Horsch Maestro 12SW MultiFruit | Color v1.1