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Refill Tanks v1.3.1

By: Original mod by: GIANTS Software
Edited version by: Velocity DK

Refill Tanks v1.3.1 picture of Objects


Downloads: 27

Size: 2.36 MB

Category: Objects


Refill Tanks v1.3.1 PLEASE REMEMBER: I am NOT the original creator of this mod. All I did is edit it to my desire.

This update focuses on a few fixes and additions.

Changelog v1.3.1
- Modified prices of all Refill Tanks to 100'000
- Fertilizer and Lime tank now shows 'Lime' icon in shop

Click to Load 3d model


ALPHA / This is a demo model. This is not the real model. Texture are disabled in this web viewer.


Refill Tanks v1.3.1 Objects Refill Tanks v1.3.1 Objects Refill Tanks v1.3.1 Objects


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