farming simulator 19 modsMuhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0

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Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0

By: D4rkfr34k / Sunny
Dank geht auch an AlienJim für die Freigabe seiner Flugzeug und Entensplines.
auch dank an die Modder: - TopAce888 Metal Gates And Fences Prefab (Prefab*)
- [DMI]20mmNormandy Big Prefab Package (Prefab*)
- Timoks_ L

Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0 picture of Maps


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Size: 869.81 MB

Category: Maps


Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0 Here is the final version of my mapum.
!! Since I unfortunately missed the release for a few things had to disappear from the map against. This has now happened and has been renewed accordingly, adapted. I took the opportunity to also update the SeasonsMask because I forgot these in some places. !!
I tried to make the map as detailed as possible and adapted it even more for Seasons. Bushes now change color from fall to spring. Deco plants that looked through the snow on the map in winter disappear (die) in autumn and are not visible until spring.
Here is a list of the things that have changed.

new splines (traffic and pedestrians) placed so that the map is busier.
some aircraft are buzzing over the map
Opening hours at sales points
completely new dealer (now has a little more space);)
New cattle dealer and a second cattle dealer added (signposted as slaughterhouse)
many new signposts place signs etc.
In the city you should not drive faster than 50 km / h that could be expensive: /
New piece of land and redesign of the landscape (known from the previous version), however, almost everything has been revised again
Decoration without end
new neighborhoods with great attention to detail inserted and old neighborhoods completely revised
and much more! Just look for yourself
small Easteregg is also installed

I also recommend playing with Seasons!
Of course you can omit mods, but it is not guaranteed that the map will work without errors!
I hope you like my work and hope you enjoy the game.


Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0 Maps Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0 Maps Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced Final v2.0 Maps


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