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More Bunkersilo v1.0.0.1

By: derelky

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Category: Other


More Bunkersilo v1.0.0.1 This mod adds the CCM and Grassilage branch to the game.
- Dedi Server fix
CCM is made from maize.
The standard silos (silos with output silage) are changed so that you can choose to produce silage (from chaff), grassilage (from grass) or CCM (from CCM raw ). The other one can not be filled then.
When it's ready you can feed it to the pigs (CCM) or sell it. Grassilage is assumed among cows and sheep in addition to grass.
To change the silo type, you must be in the silo and press the corresponding key (default: J) the current type is displayed in the help window.
To split Silage in maizesilage and grassilage the mod create a file after the first save called mbs.xml in this file you can activate usegrassilage so it will split in Bunkersilo.
Required Mods:
- Kinze Example Mill (By: derelky)


More Bunkersilo v1.0.0.1 Other More Bunkersilo v1.0.0.1 Other


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