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FS19 Canadain Farm Map v5.0

By: renebqc



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After playing the map a little longer I realised that I had only fixed part the the tree planting and that some cutter effect were also wrong. A few more thing could also be improved.
So I decided to stop working on version 4 and upload version 5 after all corrections are made.
You need a fresh start.
I’ sorry about things not working as they should the first time but you all know i”m no farmer andy.
But this time those trees will grow to maturity. To make up for the your loss I included 50k of all fruits at railroad station 3 at port south and planted 400 trees ready to be installed to your map.
To include those trees to your map, start a new game and save it. close the game, copy and replace the existing trees.xml in the
game folder you created and that’s it. If like me you are with steam “say yes to upload local file to steam when restarting the” game
and trees will fill your forests.

maps FS19 Canadain Farm Map v5.0 maps FS19 Canadain Farm Map v5.0