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FS19 Diesel Barril v1.0.0.1

By: BOB51160 / Holger Sengstock / MAX51160.


Downloads: 79

Size: 3.89 MB

Category: objects

License: All Rights Reserved


HELLO to all and all, I present the mod FS19_Diesel_Barril_BY_BOB51160, These are 5 barrels of diesel filled ready to use. Items can be found in the pallet category at the machine’s dealer. If they are empty, they disappear automatically. The barrels have a capacity of 200 l each with a known brand of station. Good game to all.
PS: for those who have questions let me know, and for those who do not like my work refrain from answering THANK YOU.

objects FS19 Diesel Barril v1.0.0.1 objects FS19 Diesel Barril v1.0.0.1